SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Genichiro VS. Isshin Ashina!


SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Genichiro VS. Isshin Ashina! A huge thank you to every single Patron for supporting me and the channel, it wouldn’t be around today …

SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS - Genichiro VS. Isshin Ashina!

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20 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Genichiro VS. Isshin Ashina!”

  1. Aegis7survivor says:

    I want to see Demon of Rage fight the Headless Ape.

  2. Rox says:

    perhaps the guardian ape vs its rude headless version, tho i bet the headless one would win

  3. The Hulk Jabr says:

    These match ups seems to be better than the tournament! 🙂
    That kick was so good almost sent Isshin off screen, worthy to be in a 300 movie. The arena of this fight, what can I say other than well chosen. What a fight man what a fight.

  4. Nexb the Shadowalker says:


  5. Henry Gaughan says:

    Lady Butterfly Vs. Owl Father.

  6. Colby Nye says:

    Let's see the Demon of Hatred some more. One of the toughest bosses – if you don't count making him fall off the map.

  7. Hulydooly says:


  8. OfficeGossip says:

    You needa give us a playlist of these awesome neenja tunes for our item farming runs!

  9. Saeed Salem says:

    Lemon gameing ?

  10. jcorleone88 says:

    Epic soundtrack – who wants some Wang! Shadow Warrior!

  11. Pimenta Rules says:

    This one had the worst camera visibility

  12. Niche says:

    why in the world is there no isshin vs isshin

  13. Tom Tom Tom says:

    Can you do team battle like 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3

  14. Iwasiw35 says:

    Can someone please explain how these boss vs boss battles are happening? Is this a mod or a special feature unlocked within the game? The whole concept of this is just fantastic.

  15. Francisco Valente Castro says:

    This is surprisingly exciting !

  16. Mr Flame says:

    woah that was close

  17. The Lesser Key Of Solomon says:

    If Genichiro was half as aggressive as he was against me in this fight he would've easily won that lol.

  18. batatac4 Mil says:

    Come on everyone wants demon vs armored knight

  19. The NinjaLion says:

    Maybe through in tomoe directly after geni dies?

  20. Tyrannicon says:

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