SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Emma VS. Centipede Giraffe!


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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Emma VS. Centipede Giraffe!!

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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS - Emma VS. Centipede Giraffe!

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20 thoughts on “SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Emma VS. Centipede Giraffe!”

  1. That cheating centipede moron had three lives not two. I demand a rematch!

  2. This joke of a tournament has confirmed the deemon has plot armor, such arrogance from the goru to think he could get away with it

  3. Aw come on, the demon gets an extra health bar but Emma still only has 1???

  4. Why do I get the feeling that
    He fights like a relentless madman – lol

  5. Centipede is either gonna be champion, or he's gonna fall to an opponent using terror I think. Despite these warrior being able to deflect, it doesn't matter as they won't do much to take advantage of the situation. I imagine its due to only countering Wolf, so Centipede can just start swinging again right away

  6. Shouldn’t Emma have one red dot since she has one? Demon has 2 so he has 2.

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