RETRO RAGE QUIT: Spiderman vs The Kingpin (Genesis/Megadrive)


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RETRO RAGE QUIT: Spiderman vs The Kingpin (Genesis/Megadrive)

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE QUIT: Spiderman vs The Kingpin (Genesis/Megadrive)”

  1. Gameplay Animation says:

    I love you 🥺

  2. Grace {xobehtedistuokniht} says:

    Wait, his names Jonah jameson.. As a kid my younger brother always told me his name was Jenna Jameson..

    But then again, my brother asked me to talk about the cool guy in MGS to mum as a kid, and on hearing me talk about how cool deepthroat is my mum looked at me and said it was a porno that name and my brother laughed at me.. I brushed it off till I picked up a tobe hooper's toolbox murders and saw it on sale as a early teen..

    Kinda inappropriate looking back, but I was a innocent kid then so it passed me by till I took a sec to look back

  3. Robert Haynie says:

    I think Spider-Man could make electro squeal like a pig

  4. Arthur Mariz says:

    How the fuck did we discovered what to do on those old school games, the level design were terrible and non intuitive

  5. moenibus says:

    This is just like Superman for the NES. Hate it.

  6. Joshua Tsimonjela says:

    Love this series! Love watching you play games!!

  7. yas kiz says:

    16:12 HEHEJEHE Noooooo

  8. Chuck says:

    “Are youuuu…idinggggg me” 😂

  9. Armaron says:

    You definitely were conducted to your doom with this game.

  10. Soviet Nazi says:

    42:52 A love letter to all retro gamers out there. Thank you Tyrannicon for your kind words and heart warming appreciation!

  11. Wurshragg Wurshington says:

    Ah yes. Spiderman's ultimate enemies: guys who put their guns back in their coats after every shot, and an average rat.

  12. James Smith says:

    Rats dont hurt spider-man at a KEY POINT!

  13. ShovelFighter12 says:

    This dude is one of my favorite youtubers. Lol

  14. ilck-ym-blals says:

    9:05 for some reason i fucking laughed my head off when he got the health but didn't get any health 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Mark Hall says:

    Rats dont hurt me either lol

  16. Gaming onFiction says:

    “…with your spider-cock powers.” Pure gold!!!!!

  17. Jimmeh Games says:

    How bout Maximum Carnage? Or Revenge of Shinobi? Both hard but fun Genesis games 😀

  18. Damin Mance says:

    I still play Spiderman vs kingpin!

  19. Stephen Lanuto says:

    🎵 now……..………🎵

  20. Tyrannicon says:

    Click here to help the channel & get rewards including 892 exclusive videos:

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