RETRO RAGE QUIT: Desert Strike (Genesis/Megadrive)


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RETRO RAGE QUIT: Desert Strike (Genesis/Megadrive)

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE QUIT: Desert Strike (Genesis/Megadrive)”

  1. FreyofKtau says:

    I tried jungle strike a while ago and you could not move sideways like you could in nuclear strike on ps1. I love that one.

    I mean how am i'm supposed to evade 🤗

  2. griz3245 says:

    I remember being soooo good at this game in my teens. Put it in the retcon for a spin a few months back and good god i could barely make it to the second stage

  3. Strider-Ragnarok says:

    I just bought Nuclear Strike for PS1 a month ago. I remember playing the demo for it that came with PS1's as a kid.

  4. Hugh McBoo says:

    A buddy of mine had a genesis back in junior high. Aside from MK and street fighter this was a pretty fun game to play after the BS of a school day.

  5. Bird Brain says:

    This is Classic CRAP 😜

  6. Dexinfl says:

    Hey Throthgar do you plan on playing Earthworm Jim for Genesis?

  7. Jesus Leyva says:

    Every time my friends and I would rent this, we'd get the cheat codes out for it immediately

  8. TwentySeventh says:

    I remember this game! After trial and error I actually manaaged to beat this game fair and square! Something that made young me proud as hell!

  9. SpacialKatana says:

    'bout time you played something old + decent. gg

  10. Munitia Blastpaw says:

    All EA Genesis games are bootlegs. EA illegally reverse engineered the Genesis so they could make games for it without paying SEGA royalties.

  11. T _Benzene says:

    Oh snap. I played this on Sega

  12. ilck-ym-blals says:

    I remember thinking the graphics on this game were incredible 🤣

  13. Simon Mann says:

    Mercs soundtrack

  14. Neel Mishra says:

    A question guys, are the high hrothgar and the guru the same person? They sound the same…

  15. daniel scott says:

    I done this when i was 13 lol

  16. WALN Zell says:

    Did… did this game have a sequel on the Playstation called Nuclear Strike?

  17. WALN Zell says:

    I swear. There are weapons of mass destruction. They're just… hidden under the sand dunes! Keep shooting the dunes! They're bound to turn up eventually!

  18. Sergio Martinez says:

    1:37 "Slap you!" lol. I remember I played the hell out of this game back in 2001, it's the only game I had when I was given a SNES. I was poor as shit in Mexico and this game entertained me for years.

  19. BaronNate says:

    NO!!!! KEITH!!!!!!!

  20. Tyrannicon says:

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