RAGE QUIT THIS TURKEY! Little Nightmares 2!


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RAGE QUIT THIS TURKEY! Little Nightmares 2!

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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS – Shichimen Warrior VS. Sakura Bull!

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SEKIRO BOSS VS. BOSS - Shichimen Warrior VS. Sakura Bull!

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40 thoughts on “RAGE QUIT THIS TURKEY! Little Nightmares 2!”

  1. I feel like O Rin could beat him but I am not sure she will get the chance. She is fighting OWL next after all ๐Ÿ™

  2. What is the name of the music that plays during the battle ? its good. Bull F, he was our last hope.

  3. I'm hoping Lone Shadow wins the next match. Ujimari has good strength, but he's too slow when it comes to his actual movemnent which might give sichiman a great chance to fear him. Lone shadow gots good damage and speed and may be able to knock Sichiman back with some of his kicks. This is why I think Lone Shadow has a much better chance of knocking this demon cheat out of this tournament for good. LET'S SEE IT PEOPLE; THE SHADOW VS THE DEMON.

  4. At this point all 4 bosses left are fucked against Shichimen Warrior. The scumbag is going to win…

  5. Fear might go down in history as one of the most OP elements in gaming.

  6. I thought the Bull might've done a bit more damage to Shichimen, which is why I said he might've had a chance, but he did far less damage than I anticipated, so it was a rather obvious victory for the Warrior.

  7. God I love how you manage to insult the demon with a new phrase in every video ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. The first game was mediocre. I didn't see what the hype was about. ?
    Now that I see this, I'm definitely not getting this.

  9. Jesus its almost like a mix of wingsofredemption and darksydephill at some points.

  10. The best way to avoid getting caught is to play helicopter with the flashlight.

  11. You think the carriage section in Twilight Princess is the pinnacle of Zelda tedium? Then you must not have attempted all 3 Lon Lon Ranch missions in a row in Majora's Mask. 1 screw up and you have to do all 3 again, and its easy to screw up. Especially on night 2 and day 3

  12. Tyrannicon I like your content a lot, but why do you even bother uploading these if you don't finish them? I just finished watching your pc playthrough of dark souls 3, and I'm satisfied because you beat the whole game, the dlc's, and there was plenty of rage to go around. But watching you play through a game and quit halfway through, like with crash bandicoot 4, and this game, leaves a stale taste in my mouth. I'd much rather you play all the way through so I can enjoy the rage, and see you actually finish a game. So why then do you do this?

  13. We're in for a good one if there's controller smashin within the first 2min of gameplay!

  14. Yeahh ty, it's only timing smash camera garbage at the beginning. But I didn't Frickin buy it for my patreons, not a great game early on

  15. If I want to donate a game, it is guaranteed that you'll give it a try?

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