Is This Real? – Retro Rage Clips Ep.01 (Artosis Clips)


Some old clips dug up from the archives.

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Is This Real? - Retro Rage Clips Ep.01 (Artosis Clips)

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20 thoughts on “Is This Real? – Retro Rage Clips Ep.01 (Artosis Clips)”

  1. chzburgRANDY says:

    Could you please move?

  2. AquaticSolstice says:

    Some of these reactions of Artosis legitimately give me a belly laugh. Artosis is Starcraft.

  3. Goodguy Cwyzz says:

    Had to rewatch the marine lose vision on the high ground like 10 times because itโ€™s so funny

  4. Klein Greenlee says:

    biggest Crybaby on Starcraft

  5. David Awesome says:

    The man really doesn't have anything between calm and rage.. :') "Happy Artosis.. scv gets stuck ..ANGRY ARTOSIS"

  6. Higor Oliveira says:

    this channel should have 1,5 million subscribers

  7. itsjustmetim 79 says:

    so inspirational. i watch artosis clips to psych me up for work.

  8. Deniz Cem Kaya says:

    4:56 that marine: "Oh,must have been the wind.."

  9. radscorpion8 says:

    everytime I watch these I don't know if I should laugh or cry at how sad it is

  10. Yorick says:

    Those chat copypasta are just too good

  11. SheathTV says:

    The UI fucks him over more than the opponents even do. hahaha

  12. karrrdo says:

    I don't understand why is it good to play a game with all those glitches in 2021. Seems like an awful time.

  13. Sangjae Park says:

    4:04 ๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Rubem Garcia says:

    Why do arty suck so much? He keeps spending minerals when he tries to build an armory, of course he won't have the resources…

  15. Bill Foreman says:

    2:08 when the scv came out of the cc I lost it

  16. Alex Friedman says:

    LOL He rages soooo ahrd when he gets the smack down. First he says Protoss is imba then he says zerg is imba but Terran is the MOST imba imho. He just rages and uses that as an excuse!! Terran is imba a f

  17. Darchendon says:

    there's a reason why the marines say, "commanderp"
    4:55 this man is cursed tho

  18. Ray Handford says:

    Why is this so entertaining

  19. Leon says:

    Video immediately starts with "move it"๐Ÿ˜‚

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