IS THE REMAKE BETTER? Resident Evil 2 (#9)


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IS THE REMAKE BETTER? Resident Evil 2 (#9)

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20 thoughts on “IS THE REMAKE BETTER? Resident Evil 2 (#9)”

  1. Ty, I f'in died with your version of the guitar solo at the end of the game. Fuckin priceless.

  2. What's the plan for future games feel like content is getting stale brah

  3. There is not one of your playthroughs that I haven't enjoyed or laugh my ass off, this was no exception.
    Thanks for the years of true entertainment Ty. You stalwart champion

  4. You inept fool. If you light the oil on fire it kills that plant ans you go into the vent into the room

  5. Both are great Tyr,in their own way…re2 I think has more dark atmosphere…

  6. I actually replayed the first one a week ago at one evening. Its still was fun but yes if it hasnt the nostalgia bonus you probably wouldnt have that much fun.

    Btw the bosses and hunter are not messing around in the first original ?

  7. The original was definitely better. The absolutely inappropriate and defective campaign system in the remake ruined the whole game. But the absolute majority of people seem to be absolutely fine with not getting a coherent and reasonable overall plot for a video game. Like all of them were nine years old and just be happy with blasting away zombies and having nice graphics. Unbelievable.

  8. What happened to your merch store ? I was gonna buy another banana shirt

  9. Making the facility difficult to escape is classic Umbrella really. If things go so badly that the self-destruct has to be engaged, they'll want to liquidate all of the staff too.

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