HARRY'S DARK FANTASIES! Silent Hill: Blind Run (#5)


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HARRY'S DARK FANTASIES! Silent Hill: Blind Run (#5)

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20 thoughts on “HARRY'S DARK FANTASIES! Silent Hill: Blind Run (#5)”

  1. I just found your channel and can't stop laughing! I noticed you played cuphead and thought I would try my luck and recommend you play Hollow Knight. It's a great souls like 2D game with a ton of content and bosses. Definitely some rage moments to be shared!

  2. Three true facts: samael is actually a real Yiddish demon (like Belial in basket case is a demon termed 'satan' in the Jewish terms of belief)

    White claudia is based on a actual true hallucinative plant found in certain parts of south america.

    Silent hill is based on esoteric and very christian termed symbolic groundings as a premise of a sensed feel of a self-realization of why you are here, with the public removal of the veil by those far more conscious than others (in plain sight), SH2 shows the transition between the filaments of purgatory, hell, and absolution christian style like 'Jacob's ladder' (some go up, some descend without being fully aware they are going below, and some are unaware they're on the ladder which is always the main character within the land of projected 'smoke and mirrors'.)

  3. 2:34 The Megar' Hammer… Wield it's powerssssszphs'!! Kick her in the fanny'sssphs! Kick you to! The Megar' Hammer, we love it! <3 🙂

  4. I love how Ty thinks that everyone Harry Perry Mason talks to “is in on it” ???

  5. Good grief the dialogue in this game is horrible, and the deadpan acting doesn't help. Nobody's actions & decisions make any sense.

  6. “I want to report a Rape by a monkey”
    Dude, milk from my cereal came out of my nose when I heard that shit. ?

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