FALLOUT 4 WITH 111 MODS (#4) Throthgar's City Tour!


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Special Thanks to the following Stalwart Modders for helping to bring Throthgar into the game:
Jonathan Ostrus
MrCasual: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/453352/?
Niero: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/8851/?

Fallout 4 Mods Used:
1) Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction
2) FAR – Faraway Area Reform (LOD)
3) WET – Water Enhancement Textures
4) Clear Water
5) Vivid Fallout – Landscapes
6) Vivid Fallout – Rocks
7) New Road Enhanced
8) Better Quarry Sites
9) A Little Bit of Green
10) Tookie’s Textures-Grass and Plants
11) Vivid Fallout – Trees
12) More Grass
13) Commonwealth Trash Removal Overhaul
14) Clean Settlement – Mess Removal
15) Remove Interior Fog
16) Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars
17) 4k moons
18) FO4 SUN
19) True Storms – Wasteland Edition
20) Darker Nights
21) Better Console
22) HD Retexture Pack
23) Street Signs Retexture
24) Electrical Tower 8K
25) Jesters Better Destroyed Vehicles
26) Langleys Workshop
27) Shack Floors Re-Done 4K
28) New Roof
29) Better Doors v1.2
30) 4k Workstations
31) Shop Vendor Simple Retexture
32) Pre-War Retextures 4K
33) HD ReTexture 4X
34) Park Benches Retextured
35) Tookie’s Tents and Tarps
36) Better Computer Terminals
37) Alternate Desk Fan
38) Minutemen Flag – Re-Colors
39) No More Broken Dressers
40) Better Coolers
41) Metal Box 2K Retexture
42) Metal Barrel Retexture
43) Industrial Objects Retexture
44) Radio Re-Done 4K
45) Creepy Mannequins
46) Black Death Cigarettes
47) Better Ammo Boxes
48) Better Ammo Can (Storage) Retexture
49) Black Vertibird
50) Realistic Pre-War Money
51) High Poly Immersive Bottlecaps
52) Chrome Synth Armor
53) Black Synth Uniform Recolor
54) Black or Dark Raider Armors
55) Black Road Leathers Recolor
56) Metal Armor Black Re-color
57) Better Coursers Pack V2
58) Anodized Black Steel Combat Armor and Flight Helmet
59) Black Harness
60) Delmark’s Hi-Res Sunglasses
61) 4K HD Textures – Power Armors
62) ScratchMade – New Combat Shotgun and Rifle
63) Polymer Stock for Double-Barrel Shotgun
64) Better Reflective Pipe Weapons
65) 10mm Pistol- Stahl Arms STA-20 (4k AND 2k)
66) Chrome Laser Weapons (Institute included)
67) Gorgeous Glowing Plasma Weapons V 2.1
68) Nuka Cola Glow and Re-Texture
69) Nuka Cherry Glow and Retexture
70) Bun’s Radioactive Glowing Fusion Core Retextures
71) Perk Magazine Material Fix
72) ETSGS – Easy To See Glowing Stuff
73) LED BLACK Pip-Boy Deluxe (Clean-New-PipBoy)
74) Improved Map with Visible Roads
75) Clean Black Pip-Boy Screen
76) Enhanced Blood Textures
77) Prydwen 2K Textures
78) DOOM’s Wasteland Creatures Redone
79) Radiant Birds
80) Jesters Better Bloatflys
81) Jesters Deathclaws
82) All Deathclaws Glow
83) D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls
84) Better Curie – Unique Rifle
85) Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE
86) Young Female Face Texture
87) Immersive Mouth and Teeth
88) True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition
89) Alternative Synth Eyes
90) Wasteland Salon – Hair Texture
91) Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks
92) Brighter Settlement Lights
93) Legendary Lamps
94) Cinematic Sounds
95) Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements
96) Rich Merchants
97) Loot Detector
98) Faster Terminal Displays
99) keyNuker and keyRing
100) Mute Player Voice
101) Carry Weight Modifications
102) CROSS Mismatched Eyes-Blind Eyes
103) Lowered Weapons
104) Fallout 4 Configuration Tool
105) Dead Body Collision
106) Companion Infinite Ammo
107) Fallout IV -Gore Overhaul- 3.0
108) Any Mod Any Weapon
109) Shell Rain
110) Grenade Expansion Pack
111) Water Enhanced
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FALLOUT 4 WITH 111 MODS (#4) Throthgar's City Tour!

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20 thoughts on “FALLOUT 4 WITH 111 MODS (#4) Throthgar's City Tour!”

  1. Derek Mills says:

    I think its funny that nick is only worth 100 caps to ellie

  2. C Vi says:

    Do you mod yourself man?

  3. NavigatedJug says:

    7:30 ummm so you sell condoms (protection)

  4. WALN Zell says:

    Diamond City is basically that one vault where they thought they had to keep killing a person every year to stay alive. Only with synths and crap.

  5. Yang Xiao Long says:

    cool vid

  6. gierheart says:

    i don't know why . . .but you're pretty hilarious. "what it isn't is my son Burglecut though he's probably been pwned." Due you write the lines or does someone else?

  7. LavenderWest says:

    I love this series and you channel

  8. Sentinel Duck says:

    do more

  9. Aye Jaye says:

    Take a drink every time he says "Huh?". You'd be gone within 2 videos

  10. H3LLW4LK3R says:

    I have 154 mods… It still works… Some how…

  11. DLAlucard says:

    Been watching this and thinking, has anyone made a Dragonbone Power Armour yet?

  12. Tim West says:

    im human im human, lol dark souls reference god I enjoyed watching you play the soul series, still watch even your old ones till this day

  13. Brian Doherty says:

    Who is thorthgar?

  14. Ship_Tip says:

    Does throthgar live in a cave

  15. Flower Power2 says:

    what episode does he stop going huh?

  16. Ozzy The Awtter says:

    You make me laugh more than I ever have xD "huh?!"

  17. Kastal Dremora Lord Warrior King says:

    You are a true Warrior but me I am a warrior but not a true one

  18. ᛦᛅᚱᛚ᛫ᛒᚢᚦᚬᚾ says:

    What is the skyrim armor mod name

  19. Turbo Brent says:

    Jeez Throthgar isn't that charming….

  20. Glock9ine says:

    I've gone through all your videos for the most part…but completely missed these…I blame my own pure ineptness for not paying attention at a critical key point during my scrolling..so far…pure gold

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