Dark Souls 3 – Old Demon King VS. Oceiros the Consumed King!


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DS3 BOSS VS. BOSS – Old Demon King VS. Oceiros the Consumed King!

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20 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 – Old Demon King VS. Oceiros the Consumed King!”

  1. Pretty even fight for the most part. Waiting to see who gets paired with Champion Gundyr! Hope all is well, Tyrannicon! Love from USA <3

  2. On this episode of Con Air: Oceiros the veiros faces of against Old Nicolas King

  3. People asking for a resi village playthrough in a video titled " Dark souls 3 boss tournament " The Ineptitude amazes me.

  4. >ODK v. Oceiros
    I like the cut of both, but the former is a huge jobber. He isn't getting far in the tournie, I'm afraid. Can't use his near death AoE, fire is the worst element to rely on (Yhorm was born of it), his stats are sort of shit, he's slow, etc. Oceiros is pretty laughable in S1 other than Pestilent Mercury, but he'll charge around like a fool in S2 (not super effective against non-light weights). Curse is useless, so he'll get low mileage when he opts to use this. Neither have much of a chance going forward, but I'm betting on Ocelotte's pop.

    >this close

  5. The meaning of content creator that many youtubers forget nowadays (The Key Word :Create) … A Dark Souls Tournament. keep up the good work! love your videos and hope u carry on. Il put my money on Midir.

  6. The Consumed becomes the consumer, biting his way to victory. And yet the Old Demon King is the fat slob – What's his complete secret?
    I only know that bariatricians HATE the name of Ocerios (even if it is an ancient and powerful name).

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