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20 thoughts on “BILLY & THROTHGAR ANGRY TEAM-UP! Urban Reign (#4)”

  1. Contact 001 says:

    And people say dark soul is hard.

  2. Jbbjonjon says:

    why the fuck you yelling

  3. 西村正宗 says:


  4. Saftcore H says:

    always cheating your way out it's hilarious xD

  5. AxillaryFox says:

    why does banana's voice change so much each fight…first its really deep then its really light

  6. Schutz Staffel says:

    How to unlock more characters?(

  7. The Coop says:

    6:26 made me laugh so hard.

  8. Aldila Firmansyah says:

    your play so idiot ?? can you play it ??
    stupid !!

  9. Etriuswimbleton says:

    Da heck. How were you able to play as other people other than brad in story mode? (withouth doing free mode)

  10. Daniel Mohave says:

    give mckinzie a knife..he will become unstoppable

  11. Isayah512 _ says:

    " DWAYNE HELP ME" lmao

  12. Isayah512 _ says:

    " DWAYNE HELP ME" lmao

  13. Mohamed Shabin says:

    Do more story fights with billy banana etc ppl vids i love itxD lmao in this vid its not just billy theres banana as well😂

  14. willdante dante says:

    Urban hing show

  15. Pikzwart says:

    This series is the best thing ever! I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe!

  16. JOopboiGtopontiac embenz says:

    One fact about this game a enemy lift you up just throw you takes soooo much of a character health man . Insanely insane.

  17. Matheus Freitas says:

    16:28 I lost my breath when the music synced with the death

  18. Assassin XHunter says:

    As many times as i watched this i never noticed the way throthgar voice banana at 11:52 when he goes "WOAH KICK BOX BANANA"🤣🤣

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