Best Of Throthgar Machinima!



Best Of Throthgar Machinima!

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12 thoughts on “Best Of Throthgar Machinima!”

  1. Jango Peppers says:

    Jungle Bitch.

  2. Sila Chaiyaruk says:

    my favorite was that feminist ads😂

  3. L i t t l e B a r o n says:

    I lost it at slothgar haha

  4. Lone Star says:

    "Comin' at ya, with a fury!"
    Shoots him dead.

  5. Connor Ross says:


  6. MrVent says:

    The profanity. The pick up lines. The jokes. The sarcasm. That's Throthgar, Dragonborn hero! I love it.

  7. Simon L says:


  8. gambler fls says:

    Lots of these videos were disabled, including Skyrim Cosplay. Please reactivate or reupload them.

  9. Waywardwind says:

    I wish i could see the original videos again

  10. Bruce Dallas says:

    Could you upload the skyrim throthgar seeing as machinima is gone

  11. Chosen One says:

    Back here in 2020 enjoying the nostalgia am I here alone tho??

  12. Lunatic says:

    Wish Throthgar would return to Skyrim SE and make more videos like this!

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