Streets of Rage 4: Five Minutes of Pixel-Art Character Gameplay


Check out five minutes of gameplay from Streets of Rage 4, the highly anticipated throwback side-scrolling beat-’em-up that’s coming soon for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This video shows off retro pixel-art character skins as well as the retro soundtrack option. #ign #gaming

Streets of Rage Trilogy – The Best Beat 'Em Ups Of All Time! (Sega Genesis Retro Game Review)


Streets of Rage, Sega’s signature beat ’em up…need I say more? Ask any retro gamer to name their top five favorite beat ’em ups, and one or more of the Streets of Rage titles will make an appearance. To mega-fans of the genre, such as myself, the Streets of Rage trilogy is 16 bit perfection […]

Retro GAMEPLAY – Streets of Rage 2 ATÉ O FIM


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A LAS PIÑAS POR LA CALLE| Streets of Rage 3 | Retro Games #19


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ALL – RETRO 16 Bit SECRET BOSSES in Streets of Rage 4 – DLC Mr X Nightmare All New Bosses


See Every 16 -Bit Retro Secret Bosses for Streets of Rage 4 DLC Mr. X Nightmare Survival Mode. Part of the Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare Review All Bosses, Streets of Rage 4 DLC All Secret Levels. Streets of Rage the complete history. Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare Review Video Rating: […]

Streets of Rage 4 – How To Find The Retro Levels


Streets of Rage 4 comes loaded with a ton of retro options, so you’re probably hoping for some retro levels too. Well, they’re there, but there’s a trick to finding them… Video Rating: / 5

Streets Of Rage: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY


This is the story of SEGAs super iconic beat ’em up series… Streets of Rage. In today’s episode of The Complete History we look at how the original trilogy was made, why Yuzo Koshiro’s soundtrack ended up being so legendary, and of course, looking at the latest game to ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️ Support the show to […]

Streets of Rage – Retro Let's Play: Co-Optitude Ep 24


Co-Optitude is all about Felicia Day and Ryon Day hilariously playing through the co-op retro games their parents never let them have. This week’s game is Streets of Rage! What game should they play next? Leave your pick in the comments! And, don’t forget to Share, Like and Subscribe! Want to play Streets of Rage […]

DF Retro EX – Streets of Rage 4: The DF Tech Review + Series Retrospective


John Linneman loves Streets of Rage 4. In fact, we all do. It’s a retro-themed game powered by modern technology that delivers a unique, brutally wonderful experience. In this special episode, we take a look at what makes this series so good – and how it’s taken to the next level in Streets of Rage […]

Streets of Rage 4 – Retro Reveal


Steam: PS4 USA: Nintendo eShop: PS4 EU: GOG: Humble Bundle: Xbox One: The wait is over! Streets of Rage 4 is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One for ,99! See our new action-packed gameplay trailer which also reveals some of Streets of Rage 4’s […]

Streets of Rage 4 – ALL SECRET LEVELS / How to Unlock All Secret Stages – Easter Eggs Bosses


How to Unlock All Secret Levels in Streets of Rage 4 – All Easter Eggs Bosses. See Street of Rage All Arcade Retro Level Locations & Secret Boss Fight Mr. X, Shiva Unlocked Gameplay True Ending Video Rating: / 5

Streets of Rage 4 – Official Retro Reveal Trailer


Check out the new gameplay trailer which reveals Streets of Rage 4’s tributes to the original trilogy, including unlockable pixel art characters with movesets and abilities unique to their respective games. Additionally, players can also switch to the series iconic original soundtrack backed by tracks from Streets of Rage 1 and Streets of Rage 2. […]

RIVER CITY GIRLS – Even Better Than Streets of Rage 4 !? – Retro Gaming History


Support me on Patreon Join my Discord – Subscribe to my Wife Lady Decade’s Channel – Watch The New Top Hat Wrestling Man Channel – Follow me on Twitch Become a Member - Today Top Hat Gaming Man looks back at River City girls, a modern beat em up from […]

Streets of Rage 4: Retro Character Reaction


Max, Skate, Zan, Shiva are all playable with the unlockable retro character roster. Original Video: Video Rating: / 5

Ein Traum von einem Retro-Prügler | Streets of Rage 4 mit Simon (Komplett)


Liebe Mitmenschen, STREETS OF RAGE 4 präsentiert nun eine Zahl, die jedes Alan Wake, jedes Duke Nukem, all diese Entwicklungs-Eintagsfliegen verblassen lässt – 26 Jahre. Es ist 26 Jahre her, dass der letzte Teil des pixeligen, damals noch nicht Retro Beat ’em up STREETS OF RAGE zu uns danieder gekommen ist. Das war namentlich natürlich […]

Nolan North and Troy Baker Fight Through the Streets of Rage


There’s been an outbreak of RAGE on the streets. Only Nolan North and Troy Baker have the button mashing skills to handle the pipe carrying thugs and whip wielding mistress’s in the 1991 Sega favorite Streets of Rage! This episode has way too much Saxaphone, but that’s what happens when Troy and Nolan remince about […]

Retro Mondays – Streets Of Rage Review Totalbiscuit


Streets Of Rage Review, this was a joint project between Kwing & Totalbiscuit! Streets of Rage aka Bare Knuckle: Ikari no Tekken, was a beat em up released in 1991 for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive. Retro Hitz Vol 1 – Add me if you want – Tweets by KwingReviews Show credits Guest […]

Streets of Rage – Retro Reseña


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Rage Quit – Monopoly Streets | Rooster Teeth


Michael returns to a simpler time on this week’s Rage Quit with a gold old fashioned game of Monopoly Streets. Can he win it all or is bankruptcy in his future? Join FIRST to watch episodes early: » Get your Rooster Teeth merch: » Subscribe: About Rooster Teeth: Welcome to Rooster Teeth. […]

Streets Of Rage 4 Estel VS Zamza (retro stage)


Video Rating: / 5 Video Rating: / 5



En este video os comparto datos y secretos sobre la secuela de la intemporal saga Streets of Rage. De la mano de DotEmu podemos volver a recorrer las calles de Wood Oak City y repartir panes de pueblo a todo aquel que se nos acerque con ganas de fiesta. #streetsofrage4 #dotemu #sega Video Rating: / […]

베어 너클 4, Streets of Rage 4, Retro BOSS FIGHT, Blaze, Stage 2, POLICE PRECINCT, Hard Difficulty 4K


◈ Streets of Rage 4, BOSS FIGHT (XBOX ONE X 4K 60FPS) Platform : XBOXONE X, Game Mode : Story, Player : June’s Gameplay and Story, Input Device : Xbox one Controller Video Rating: / 5