Why is the Java vs. Bedrock debate so angry? | Rage Switch


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Version Parity List: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Official_pages/Parity_issue_list

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0:00 – Intro
2:57 – Naming Crisis
8:50 – Parity Issues
12:51 – Community Division
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Why is the Java vs. Bedrock debate so angry? | Rage Switch

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15 thoughts on “Why is the Java vs. Bedrock debate so angry? | Rage Switch”

  1. Me: Bedrock is inferior.
    Them: Are you calling my friends and experiences inferior?
    Me: Yes and you are as well. ?

  2. I like each, Bedrock has more feature what I like, but java is The Minecraft. My favourite is java

  3. Both minecrafts are good, STOP DEBATING OVER THAT, everyone has preferences and they have different prefered version. I personally like both, but I play Java more, because my friends don't have bedrock.

  4. I bought Java a few months ago and until then I was playing on Bedrock. I don't understand why people debate on if Java or Bedrock is the better version, they're both Minecraft and personally, even after playing Bedrock for years and buying java, i can't seem to find a difference.

  5. what an amazing, civil, and well written video! i'm sure the comments will also be civil and well written, especially the newest ones.

  6. I’m going to have to disagree with a lot of these comments saying that Java is “objectively” better. I’ve found that Bedrock is more stable and optimized than Java; spaghetti code is still spaghetti code. Then you have to consider that it feels less like you’re working with bugs in Bedrock and more with actual features. And sure, I’ve had problems with Bedrock in the past, particularly on Nintendo Switch (crashes, anyone?), and it still feels “less modern” at times with certain “missing” features. I know that. But what Bedrock does provide well more than makes up for what’s missing. Plus, my step brother Zachary tends to play Bedrock like crazy too, and he hardly even cares at all. One time, I even played with him on split screen, and it’s hard for me to say I didn’t have fun looking back.

  7. I started playing Minecraft in 2012 or 2013. In either 1.4 or 1.5 (not sure which), and used to play with my cousins A LOT. Now that I have a better PC, I tried downloading the Java version, and it ran like shit, and OF wasn't available for the version I was playing yet. But when I downloaded the Windows 10 version, it ran smoothly AF. There are a few things I wish Bedrock had like the F3 menu, although the Java version contains a lot of trash I usually don't need, so a customizable F3 menu would be awesome. Regardless, I play on the Switch nowadays, but if I come back to playing on PC, I'll probably continue playing the Bedrock edition.
    Also, for some reason my mind still considers horses and the ocean monument to be a new addition even though they happened like a decade ago.

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