Streets Of Rage: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY


This is the story of SEGAs super iconic beat ’em up series… Streets of Rage. In today’s episode of The Complete History we look at how the original trilogy was made, why Yuzo Koshiro’s soundtrack ended up being so legendary, and of course, looking at the latest game to ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Streets of Rage is one of the most important video game franchises to me. The 1st time I opened it up on Christmas day of 1992, that time I was able to get hold of the long-awaited Streets of Rage 2, the rediscovery of Streets of Rage 3 during my Retro collecting years, and of course the latest release…. Streets of Rage 4

For me, no game in the same genre has resulted in more beers being knocked back with friends playing through these excellent titles than the ones found in this series!
This video is my opportunity to do the series justice and talk about its long history in Streets Of Rage: The Complete History 2020 edition

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Streets Of Rage: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY

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15 thoughts on “Streets Of Rage: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY”

  1. High Five! I am so happy that Streets of Rage 4 finally found it's feet and I couldn't ask for more in the game. I am looking forward to trying out the dlc for it. Between this and Sonic Mania it shows that Sega can find the talent and the love for their past games in order to forge new classics. I got many hours out of the Streets of Rage on my Mega CD compilation and my brother rented SoR 2 back in the day and I have great memories of them both. I only played SoR3 much later on the Xbox 360 Mega Drive compilation. I believe it is a great series and I hope Sega bring more classics back into the limelight.

  2. i dont think he ever jump because they didnt mechanic him to do that. and that is so wrong barbon really couldnt they given him a better name. he not just a bartender he has a name almost like a bartender. not just that he wear karate pants now thats an insult to barbon. whoever the creator of street of rage they really hate bartender

  3. Guess who. Now guess again! ?


    The film is a must.

    I already have a script….expect a grim dark setting. ?

  4. Pink Typhoon character was used or inspired by the female enemy character in the China Town level in Revenge of Shinobi .

  5. that rave with pump up the jam playing was a thunderdome 1 i.e gabba was the original sound to go with that part

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