Streets of Rage 4: Retro Character Reaction


Max, Skate, Zan, Shiva are all playable with the unlockable retro character roster.

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Streets of Rage 4: Retro Character Reaction

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17 thoughts on “Streets of Rage 4: Retro Character Reaction”

  1. Les musiques de streets of rage 1 & 2 sont magnifiques ❤ et streets of rage 4 vraiment génial :beau travail !

  2. Mannn i remember playing this from sega thats when mr x was in town i started playing yesterday now im facing mr y lmfaooo but im glad they did this classic justice such a nostalgic feeling for the fans i love it childhood done justice ???

  3. Im 32 and I cried when I heard the 1st level stage music in a remixed version. It was so nostalgia, It took me back to when I was 5 years old playing SEGA Genesis. The music, the gameplay. Its dear to my heart. SOR 4Eva.

  4. How did you do that ! I have laptop ? what a link , I need file to put in ps4 too

  5. Ok in the first clip what the hell move is that that Axel does. That jumping flaming head roll into blits or whatever lol let me guess they cut that out of the final version? I dont play axel much at all but havent seen that one.

  6. ive been pretty skeptical about the new streets of rage but honestly its looking pretty good

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