Streets of Rage 4 – How To Find The Retro Levels


Streets of Rage 4 comes loaded with a ton of retro options, so you’re probably hoping for some retro levels too. Well, they’re there, but there’s a trick to finding them…
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Streets of Rage 4 - How To Find The Retro Levels

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11 thoughts on “Streets of Rage 4 – How To Find The Retro Levels”

  1. Mr.X final battle was difficult at times, avoiding his bullets was hard and he did take a chunk of your HP if he hits you with the gun itself. But Zamza was always a lot tougher, especially when he would counter most of your jump attacks. I could only ever defeat him on hard mode with Skate and Blaze, using their backflip moves. Great game, would love to see a full stage from the classics remade in the art style of this one.

  2. I have two questions…
    1. Do you get to play the retro levels leading up the boss or just the bosses?
    2. Once unlocked, can you access them at any time from the menu or do you have to go through that process every time to reach it?

  3. On stage select level 1 the streets, anybody know if the muffled song playing in the background is a real song?

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