Rock'n Rage 1986 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games


► Rock’n Rage 1986 Konami. Full game.


Rock’n Rage World version,
Koi no HotRock – John, Rick & She-na Japan version.

Rock'n Rage 1986 Konami  Mame Retro Arcade Games

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16 thoughts on “Rock'n Rage 1986 Konami Mame Retro Arcade Games”

  1. xxgoku77 says:

    17:20 do you loose if not fast enough?

  2. Crunch Foe says:

    Rare game. I find the gameplay challenging, and the quirkiness to be more interesting overall.

    "OH, SHEENA!"

  3. LuigifanS says:

    15:2915:32 Born in the USA!

  4. DAYTONA UFA says:

    why Waterloo in us????

  5. Vuckoland Vučko says:

    My childhood

  6. Drew Who says:

    This game looks super easy

  7. Chris Rowl says:

    Simon le Bon on drums there

  8. vormaw says:

    Game of my childhood, so much memories at Arcade saloon:)

  9. Watcher3223 says:


    "Oh Sheena!"

    But, admit it! You thought those guys were about to say "oh shit!"

  10. jacques heath says:

    第4面のローマの1シーン目のビートルズ(もといアイズレーブラザーズ)のTwist and Shoutや
    2シーン目のファルコのRock Me Amadeusとか・・・コレが切っ掛けで洋楽聴き始めるようになったんだよねー
    あと各面のボスのシーンで流れてる曲って、間違ってなければ、スコーピオンズのAnother Piece of Meatだよね?

  11. Christopher Lock says:

    i think games like this much more fun, more of a cartoony feel to them. 80s were a great time too

  12. Darin Milo says:

    Looks like Lois from Family Guy lol

  13. MingTuck Chung says:

    Everything is 2 frames!!!

  14. Sergio Lubrano says:


  15. Phishkisses says:

    Its like an early arcade version of Zombies Ate My Neighbors

  16. Yi-Chun Wang says:

    3:02 Abba – Waterloo

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