RIVER CITY GIRLS – Even Better Than Streets of Rage 4 !? – Retro Gaming History


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Today Top Hat Gaming Man looks back at River City girls, a modern beat em up from the Kunio Kun & River City Ransom franchise that is arguably even better than Streets of Rage 4. What exactly does this video game contribute to the Beat Em Ups Rennaisance period and how does this game fit into history. Lets find out!

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Additional Gameplay and Image Links
River City Girls – fhdgw – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOg-6z55SfM
River City Girls Zero – World of Long Plays – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pN1krUCiXc
River City Ransom 2 – ShiryuGL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu6x-oZW1PU

Additional Information

RIVER CITY GIRLS - Even Better Than Streets of Rage 4 !?  - Retro Gaming History

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17 thoughts on “RIVER CITY GIRLS – Even Better Than Streets of Rage 4 !? – Retro Gaming History”

  1. River City Girls has much better presentation and more engaging characters but SoR4 is better for just jumping in to play for a while. RCG having rpg elements makes the game become too easy once you completely level up so I appreciate the arcade aspect of SoR4. They're both great for what it is they do.

  2. Is that Provie from River City Underground next to Marian on the banner for River City Girls 2? Are we finally getting a port of Underground?

  3. That game is big trash. Streets of rage 4 is the greatest modern beat em up by far

  4. Apples to oranges.

    River City Girls is more akin to the brawler resurgence started by Castle Crashers, and lead to far better gems like Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Charlie Murder (And even Double Dragon Neon)

    Streets of Rage 4 is a pure beat 'em up.

    No stats to raise, no gear to grind, no moves to unlock. Everything you need to beat the game is given right from the start, and it all comes down to your skill in using them.

  5. I utterly love this game, I can't do a comparison against streets of rage, still need to play that one.

  6. Not many will sadly know this but there is actually a direct sequel to the OG River City Ransom called River City Ransom: Underground which takes place several years after just like Streets of rage 4.

    and Idk why but i enjoyed that game a whole more than River City Girls and i feel like that game deserves just as more if not a whole lot more attention than this game is getting.
    Like Playing as the newer generation protagonists,all each with their own unique movesets and combos and i mean a lot of combos
    Or better yet playing again as the OG protagonists but this time they are older,more ripped and more badass than ever is genuinely my favorite thing.

  7. personally LOVE Way Forward games, particurally the Shantae series of platformers, yhis one seem another good game i will definitly try.

    bless them and Dotemu.

  8. Martha Splatterhead is also the name of the crossover band The Accused's mascot.

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