RETRO RAGE: Strider!


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RETRO RAGE: Strider!

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19 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Strider!”

  1. Shizbort says:

    lol so much rage

  2. Jason Goltermann says:

    The final boss for this game is impossible.

  3. Abu Fadhil says:


  4. bloodpressurenotgood says:

    kazikstan… borat?

  5. 3,489,210 views says:

    "Feel the abilities , you Kazak Kowards."

  6. Holts Zom says:

    bubububu bugabi bubububagbibibibugabi AHH AHH
    are u eating me??

  7. AgentCell says:

    Never got a chance to play this game but it looks legit. Have you ever tried bionic commando for the nes or the remastered

  8. black neo the one says:

    I beat this game when i was 12 now i cant past the 4th level this was one of the hard sega games ever and that fucking laugh everytime u die 😈

  9. Katiecakes says:

    I think you said prenis in there somewhere, top 5 easy

  10. Rico411 says:

    hey did u try the remake?

  11. Phillip Woolston says:

    Great game I loved playing it in the Arcade!!!

  12. Phillip Woolston says:

    Borat would be proud!

  13. Hastomo Hadi says:

    Roboid 🤣🤣🤣😄😆😁😁😁.

  14. Hastomo Hadi says:

    Very funny 🤣🤣🤣.

  15. ilck-ym-blals says:

    Your power is no match for throthgar! …hoh what the fuck!!!!

  16. Mike Mecker says:

    i dont think Kazakhstan looks the way it does in this game

  17. Mike Mecker says:

    are u eatin' me?

  18. Crashdown96 says:

    5:45 'I'll give you something to laugh at!' Believe me, you did.

  19. Thiago Bravo says:

    The controls… They are agaisnt me. Lol

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