RETRO RAGE: Mortal Kombat!


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RETRO RAGE: Mortal Kombat!

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Mortal Kombat!”

  1. CMONCMON007 says:

    "sonya blade indeed" i totally got that reference 😀 and this vid gave me a good dose of nostaliga 🙂

  2. snatchadams69 says:

    Pixelated stalwart warriors lol

  3. TheFly212 says:

    MK9 is the best one. That game is awesome. MKX was great to. Out of the old MKs, I'd say MK2 is probably the best.

  4. dodgers doon1130 says:

    no one beats me with scorpion

  5. pietje bel says:

    MK in the arcade was just magical

  6. Robert Heath says:

    Just like Ferrero Rocher. With these Retros Rages, you really are spoiling us.

  7. Jace Palmier says:


  8. WhyteLis21 says:

    Everyone just keep ducking. 😆

  9. jrvbamafan1 says:

    This is painful to watch….lol

  10. The Disco Timelord says:

    You are my favourite retro reviewer 🙂

  11. Drew Griffin says:

    who puts their comic book offer in their arcade game?

  12. Patrick White says:

    You mentioned in your Last of Us 2 playthrough that your TV has high input lag. Could it be that part of the reason you find playing games so frustrating is because of this? I hope not, because I find your rage-gaming absolutely hilarious and quite relaxing for some reason.




    Didn’t even make it to goro mortal kombat goru he is not

  15. Drew Griffin says:

    Throw you! (like yesterday's garbage) XD

  16. Kyomantha says:

    Hey @Tyrannicon, dude did you never try the retro Atari arcade game "Pit Fighter" with real actors, just like Mortal Kombat? (but not the same result) Please do a video of this game, this gonna be epic. 😊

  17. Pablo Rivadeneira says:

    Forward down forward high punch
    Sub zero fatality

  18. Mamba Bajamba says:

    Raiden: "I need my Moneeeeey!"

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