RETRO RAGE: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!


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RETRO RAGE: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!

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14 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!”

  1. Mi gi says:

    This was two years ago?
    It felt l like yesterday.

  2. Jones Crimson says:

    I couldn't stop watching just to find out if MJ screams "OOH" at the start of every level.

  3. dodgers doon1130 says:

    I played this game for hours as a kid. thanks mate brilliant

  4. Persia 007 says:

    Micheal Jackson not Jacko

  5. Snot Face says:

    No one makes me laugh out loud this much other than Tyrannicon!

  6. Abu Fadhil says:

    Your singing is hillariously awful… XD

  7. The Disco Timelord says:

    I'm only here for your hysterical Retro Rage videos 😂😂😂😂

  8. Cybertron gaming says:

    This is the game brings back memories

  9. Fabian Singh says:

    The way those green machines attack is by far the strangest attack I’ve seen in a game lol

  10. Jed Agoncillo says:

    schmoowwn! hahaha always gets me!

  11. William S says:

    How awkward was this game.. MJ prancing around tied up kids and giant roboid with dicks between their legs that become erect and shoot blasts..this could have been key evidence against MJ lol

  12. Adrian Valadez says:

    You sure know your Michael Jackson lol

  13. Matthew Stewart says:

    When throthgar dared to brave the world of pop

  14. Richard Williams says:

    This!!! Has!!! To!!! Be!!! The!!! Fuckin!!! BEST video of someone playing this game!!!!! Well done sir, well done!!!!!

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