RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!


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RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!”

  1. Andrew Fowler says:

    I remember the dream cast playing this game but the time limit kinda ruined it for me forgot offspring had a song in it 😂

  2. Adam Parker says:

    Great vid! Whats the track at 6:42??

  3. Prajwal R Bhat says:

    i started playing sekiro six days ago and i never left ur channel from six days literally u helped me so much.finally beat the game now….never taken 6 days to finish a game before. 3 at max…….

  4. Joshua Kennedy says:

    Wow, look at all the brands scattered around the city. This game was a blatant product-placement cash grab.
    Billy Hashtag would have loved it.

  5. P8P says:

    You should play Hydro Thunder, another coin guzzling masterpiece.

  6. FranktheBunny666 says:

    Never knew there was so much product placement in this game, there's the answer as to why this game was passed off as a 'must play', corporate and MSM influence even back then. I always thought it was sh*t when I was young and could never figure out why it was 'loved'.

  7. Otaku Lifestyle says:

    Dude your trash at this game lol

  8. Dexinfl says:

    Hey does anyone know the name of the song that plays around 6:43 in the video?

  9. Saryrn Sorrow says:

    ah man crazy taxi with out it's real music, this is like playing jet set/grind radio with out it's original music aka half the charm to these lame games were the cheesy soundtracks.

  10. Penetrant says:

    Best taxi driver ever at this key point.

  11. loventheclub 234 says:

    Isn't that Offspring? They're not that bad! Come on, throthgar

  12. vv3y says:

    Tyrannicon what’s the music you were playing when you were using B.D. Joe?

  13. Mykahaia says:

    I liked to play with skypea Arc Zoro…

  14. Leon Kennedy says:

    Ain't that the same singer from Daytona USA?

  15. CMONCMON007 says:

    The music you added was still awful

  16. ST911 says:

    "What's this horrible music?"

    Hahaha you are such a boomer!

  17. ST911 says:

    You're taste in music is objectively painful 😭

  18. mkdfan says:

    Remember having this in Dreamcast as a kid, it was pretty addictive trying to get a better score each time. There’s no way I would have got it for £50. £15 max.

  19. Tyrannicon says:

    Click here to help the channel & get rewards including 803 exclusive videos:

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