RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!


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RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Crazy Taxi!”

  1. I remember the dream cast playing this game but the time limit kinda ruined it for me forgot offspring had a song in it ?

  2. i started playing sekiro six days ago and i never left ur channel from six days literally u helped me so much.finally beat the game now….never taken 6 days to finish a game before. 3 at max…….

  3. Wow, look at all the brands scattered around the city. This game was a blatant product-placement cash grab.
    Billy Hashtag would have loved it.

  4. Never knew there was so much product placement in this game, there's the answer as to why this game was passed off as a 'must play', corporate and MSM influence even back then. I always thought it was sh*t when I was young and could never figure out why it was 'loved'.

  5. ah man crazy taxi with out it's real music, this is like playing jet set/grind radio with out it's original music aka half the charm to these lame games were the cheesy soundtracks.

  6. Remember having this in Dreamcast as a kid, it was pretty addictive trying to get a better score each time. There’s no way I would have got it for £50. £15 max.

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