RETRO RAGE: Castlevania 4!


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RETRO RAGE: Castlevania 4!

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Castlevania 4!”

  1. Oh don't worry stage 4 is just the beginning of this mess stage 6 7 8 9 A and B will make tou rage quit way more than stage 4

  2. remember that Konami jingle? jfc gaming is dead now. Cyberpunk the only modern hope

  3. Thank you my friend for making many of us look bad asses in games like super castlevania 4 even though we had our times as well! And of course for the awesome screams of raging happiness you shared with us as well!

  4. I wonder if the monsters think, "oh no, it's a belmontoid!"

  5. OMG, the game track is so fucking awesome.. That's what I call good game music! Was it produced by someone greatly nobel and tastefully japanese? It's perfection, and addictively catchy.. It has gotta be made from someone of Japanese greatness 🙂

  6. Every time you compare this game to "Dark Souls", I just laugh to myself and say "Oh… you wish."

    Good video, by the way.

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