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17 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Batman!”

  1. Michalis Mat says:

    17:10 NO! I'M BATMAAAAAN!!

  2. farmasingh says:

    Batman returns is an amazing game, worth trying that one out too

  3. Alex Daniels says:

    One thing I love about these retro rages (and others vids of yours) are the hilariously abrupt endings. Other YT-ers find it necessary to add a forced debrief, review, or witty signoff. Throthgar: "it's over!? Good, you suck! F*ck you game! goodbye forever!"

  4. Adam Harwood says:

    This is still amazing 😂😂😂

  5. Hastomo Hadi says:

    Batman is garbage 🤣.

  6. Kevin Denis says:

    All Batman had to do was go around the obstacles like the enemies did, but such never crossed his mind. Perhaps he spent too much time in his cave and turned inept.

  7. Glock9ine says:

    Love coming back to the epicenter of the rage….the retro!

  8. Jonno Cotton says:

    Is Tyrannicon British or American? I honestly can not tell 😂





  11. Hastomo Hadi says:

    His jumping is fu***ng garbage 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  12. Poets Roses says:

    So we’re aware batman was killing people in the driving section right?

  13. Yazbuster says:

    The singing gets me everytime – LMAO

  14. Xtiminator says:

    I'm crying again so funny… Thanks

  15. oliverlawton1 says:

    One of the best and funniest channels on here, can’t believe I’ve only come across it… been watching and will continue till i have done the whole catalogue 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  16. PrettyflyforaFryguy says:

    Best ending to a video ever. Damn.

  17. Damin Mance says:

    I want my batman back!

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