RETRO RAGE: Actraiser!


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RETRO RAGE: Actraiser!

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20 thoughts on “RETRO RAGE: Actraiser!”

  1. oliverh28 says:

    Thank you so much for putting up this game I think I was 14 when I played all the way through wow thank you for the memories.

  2. RAAMzilla says:

    "This game's FUCKING GARBAGE, Throthgar out."

    Best video ending. Ever.

  3. Novux Gibbon says:

    Retro faxanadu

  4. Jones Crimson says:

    If you enjoyed this game you might like dark cloud.

    It starts with everything the character ever loved being annihilated in front of him.  He then goes into a dungeon to stab everything to death and rebuild his home as if nothing happened to it.

    Did I mention you can unlock a Special Attack and build your weak blade into a real sword of honor?!

  5. watcher7180 says:

    This is a game that requires patience and tactics. It is not for brawlers like yourself throthgar. 

  6. Jorge abuauad says:

    "power that is rightfully mine indeed from a dimension of pure caos"

  7. James Pyle says:


  8. James Pyle says: should do cover songs can sing (for real)

  9. MegaMr JIN says:

    I have the second one and boy it have complexity and so challengingly hard

  10. Steven says:

    I have the cart for this game and its actually good

  11. crazzy Tom says:

    this is a fantastic game.
    if any snes reboot was needed…… it would be this one.

  12. Mr_x 1992 says:

    This game is in my top 20 SNES games of all time

  13. Mr_x 1992 says:


  14. Mr_x 1992 says:

    4:15 Mortal kombat 2 stole the tree face concept

  15. bungee cum says:

    I like how you sing lmao

  16. NikkoChico says:

    Would be awseome to have throthgar sound/effects/commentary in games. Hope you get voice jobs 😀

  17. Abu Fadhil says:

    Man, you should make an album!

  18. Joshua Kennedy says:

    I dunno man, this game actually looks pretty interesting to me.
    That first level contains some of the best singing. Classic Throthga!

  19. A Moonlight Rose says:

    This seems like a primitive inept version of Black & White.

  20. Bob Pelot says:

    This was a staple on Nick Arcade. Every kid did terrible on it

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