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Streets Of Rage Review, this was a joint project between Kwing & Totalbiscuit! Streets of Rage aka Bare Knuckle: Ikari no Tekken, was a beat em up released in 1991 for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive.

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Retro Mondays - Streets Of Rage Review Totalbiscuit

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17 thoughts on “Retro Mondays – Streets Of Rage Review Totalbiscuit”

  1. total biscuit = fat loser that could do nothing else. good thing video games exist.

  2. Too bad they couldn't re-release the port online when it can be played with 3; and the same option with 4 players; Fighting Force would have sold a lot more if you could play with 4 people

  3. streets of rage is one a my fav's of all time, but i do think the second one was the best, the 3d version on the the 3ds is a good port

  4. What? Special police attack sucks? Are you crazy? This attack was so badass back in the day and even today. Lack of moves? There are much more than many of the beatem ups, plus 2 types of coop attacks.
    The game is perfect, only complain i can say is that when weapon is on the ground and you want to hit an enemy u pick the weapon and get beaten.

  5. Dudes….

    Throw recovery, hold up and jump when thrown and you land on your feet taking no damage.  

  6. I had the triple pack back in the day, loved all of those games 🙂

  7. I remember that the opening to this game was so awesome .. the title music sounded like the score of an action movie.

  8. You know,….a secret that's always been apart of the streets of rage series is to hold "Up + Jump" while you are in the air after you've been thrown. Upon hitting the ground, you'll land on your feet everytime.

  9. does any know about the glitch in the 6th level? You can put an enemy "in" the machines (the machines with the "things" going down)
    After you do this, you can kill any enemy with just one hit, (they are stuck) while they are "in" these machines. It was funny when i found this out. (when i was a very young boy)

  10. and when will SEGA finally release SOR 4???? All gamers are wanting this for many years, (see all the comments on the internet), but SEGA seems to be blind or something.

  11. u are taking the similarities between SOR and Golden axe and RoS way too far

  12. Watching this makes me sad since TotalBiscuit never got to see the announcement of Streets of Rage 4. 🙁

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