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19 thoughts on “RETRO GAME RAGE MONTAGE! (#2)”

  1. James Jenkins says:

    can we get a garbage montage.

  2. Al McRoof says:


  3. kanimo24 says:


  4. Ben Thomas says:

    we had a it rough in the 80's saves, just die and restart

  5. Drew Griffin says:

    Your neighbors must LOVE you!

  6. Joshua Reisig says:


  7. f6tt m6tt says:

    1:31 and 2:32 I dont know why but these get me every single time

  8. CLONE CYCLONE says:


  9. YonOtto says:

    The Shadow Dancer game at the end was a brilliant game, I beat it as a kid but tried to play it recently and it's hard as shit! Also you're my new fave youtuber. You should have way more subs.

  10. Glauco Ruzzetti says:

    Why there's no list of the games you're playing? I want to try almost all of them XD

  11. DANIEL RAIN says:

    You are great 😛

  12. Mason says:

    Still a great watch. Pure anger

  13. Superluigi881 says:

    2:26 "DUCK!!"

    Where? Where's the duck?

  14. Alex Daniels says:

    A day without Retro Rage is like a day without sunshine. Best series ever, and literally nothing else like it on YT!

  15. mg0426 says:


    "WHAT THE?!?! if I have to start the whole level again this game could KISS MY ASS!!!"

    game starts the whole level again


  16. Hastomo Hadi says:

    Suck out to the netherworld 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  17. stuart hough says:

    new sub man

  18. Heiko Hulk says:


  19. Mike Hall says:

    I remember literally smashing up my spectrum 128k+ in a rage when I was nearing the finale of saboteur 2 and the game crashed. Had to wait until Christmas until I could get another one.

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