Rage Retro Review – Worthabuy?


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Rage Retro Review  - Worthabuy?

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13 thoughts on “Rage Retro Review – Worthabuy?”

  1. Dean Wilson says:

    My dad was so excited for this game. Right After crysis. He died though. Nice to watch this review of it. Not as spectacular as it was hyped up to be.

  2. Aesir07 says:

    so basically … it's shite, mates… pure D shite…

  3. Ashutosh Jadhav says:

    is this game open world or RPG type ?

  4. Vincent says:

    This Video Game "Critic" sucks and can barely understand him and drones on.👎🏼👎🏼

  5. spadePerfect says:

    I loved the game back in the day on Xbox 360.
    The story was way too short and it was also just terrible – the ending must be the worst ending ever.
    But the gameplay felt really fresh and new and the world is amazing.

  6. The wishful Thinker says:

    Sounds like America/Britain today. Also, story isn’t really id’s thing. love doom, but story?

  7. Kamel Kadri says:

    Level design is among the best I've seen, Destiny 2 level (the highest there is), Gameplay too, Rage 2 is BS I loath that one

  8. Vlad Dracul says:

    I know Mack likes the gunplay, but I look at it and really dislike it. It looks so…off-putting

  9. Chris W says:

    I’m an old man and I don’t care if a game review is years old. It’s all new to me and old games are cheap. I don’t think I care about this one tho lol

  10. Rossco P.Coltrane says:

    I thought this game was great

  11. Nooby Vapor says:

    I bought this at Gamestop years ago for $0.01. Yes one penny! Definitely worth a buy for a penny, ha!

  12. Derrek Long says:

    Feels like a generic metro/mad max mashup. Not bad just doing the linearity in an unintuitive way. Not every game needs to be open world but if you do decide on sprawling segments it should really have more going for it so the gameplay loop is well rounded. This is just too much of the mundane and not even the best fps gameplay can make up for fetch quests, and cyclic progression.

  13. yaboysquints says:

    rage not ridge my guy

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