Nolan North and Troy Baker Fight Through the Streets of Rage


There’s been an outbreak of RAGE on the streets. Only Nolan North and Troy Baker have the button mashing skills to handle the pipe carrying thugs and whip wielding mistress’s in the 1991 Sega favorite Streets of Rage! This episode has way too much Saxaphone, but that’s what happens when Troy and Nolan remince about Eddie and the Cruisers and Richard Marx with a special nod to that guy in Lost Boys. Thankfully Uncle Noly gives some advice and Troy shares his first memory of Jamie Lee Curtis (yep that one). Do they clean up the streets filled with rage or does Nolan run off with Nora and her whip? The end is nigh… This is RETRO REPLAY.

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Learn more about the 1991 Sega game Streets of Rage.

Did you see that Streets of Rage 4 was announced?!

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Nolan North and Troy Baker Fight Through the Streets of Rage

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12 thoughts on “Nolan North and Troy Baker Fight Through the Streets of Rage”

  1. 5:46 – The most educational Unclo Noly Knows ever. I'll quote that one for the rest of my life.

  2. My brother and I used to play this game all the time on our genesis, sitting on the floor in our living room when we were kids! Man this video was such a nostalgia trip.

  3. Hey guys, love the show and have been binging all your episodes, so goddamn good!!….Please play Star Wars episode 1 podracing or Perfect dark 64. Best use of a saxophone in a song is Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street Prove me wrong

  4. Oh man, another childhood favourite…. I loved streets of rage as a kid.
    You guys need to play Streets of rage 2, not 3 because that's shit……..
    But definitely play streets of rage 2 ?.

  5. The sax guy from Lost Boys is Tim Capello, and he is featured in one of my favorite songs in recent years.

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