Nolan North and Troy Baker Become Rage Masters on Kid Nikki


Special thanks to our sponsor this week, HelloFresh! Use code RETROREPLAY10 to get 10 free meals including shipping with HelloFresh! Purchase required. AHHHHHHHH! This week Nolan North and Troy Baker try to stay calm as they take on their evil foes, who for some reason can’t die in the 1986 NES classic Kid Niki! Watch as Nolan goes insane and Troy relives his childhood. Get ready. This is RETRO REPLAY.

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Nolan North and Troy Baker Become Rage Masters on Kid Nikki

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14 thoughts on “Nolan North and Troy Baker Become Rage Masters on Kid Nikki”

  1. Jesus guys! I have to catch up. I just watched this. Gotta say, it's one of the best episodes ever. Lmao all the way. Really inmersive too. My heart was pounding at 21:33. I really love your videos but this one, i'll just say…it's been a long time. Just awesome. Cheers. Ps: how can i get a shout out?! I would lose my fu#&ing mind…

  2. Uncle Noly that was the perfect screaming of "Fuck" I think I've ever heard. I would have loved to have seen you guys beat this game. I love you guys so much. Stay strong. FUCK CANCER!

  3. 20:05
    "..And then he's like, 'Aw, I'll put this away!', and then you'd step into it– FUCK!!"
    Might be the hardest and most staccato laugh I've had in Level 2 of this show, holy moses~

  4. You're killing all the Critical Role fans with all your "It's been a while" s ??

  5. One of the best episodes to go back to and laugh my ass off. Man, can’t believe this was earlier this year. The chemistry between Nolan and Troy made every Thursday something to look forward to. Hope he comes back some time in the future. Come on you fucks, make amends and play some games together again! ❤️

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