Nightcrawler – Blood Rage


New Retro Wave + Nightcrawler Blood Rage

Welcome to the darkish of the synth. Nightcrawler is back with more dark vibes. Second Single from the upcoming album “Beware of the Humans”. Enjoy.


Produced by Nightcrawler

Mastered by Vincenzo Salvia

Artwork provided by Murryous, who is our featured artist for May. Please support him as we showcase more of his terrific work during his residency with NRW.
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Nightcrawler - Blood Rage

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18 thoughts on “Nightcrawler – Blood Rage”

  1. Thanks to Muse, this melody was just before their concert, and I really liked it, regards from Moscow.

  2. This track was played at the Muse concert a few minutes before the start of the show. Shazam helped find

  3. This reminds me of one of my favorite songs to this day from Final Fantasy 7. man that sounds cool with them both together too! <3 thank you for making this badass song. been listening to it while I make my Megaman armor cosplay!

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