miss the rage – mario judah (slowed+reverb)


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miss the rage - mario judah (slowed+reverb)

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13 thoughts on “miss the rage – mario judah (slowed+reverb)”

  1. Can anyone else agree that this song can resonate with breakups, feelings of childhoods, death of a loved one, general memories you just miss, friends? "Miss the rage" really makes me reflect on those times i had with friends of going out and at school before graduating, as well as my breakup. Or it can remind you of that "rage" you had before finally reaching your goal: sports, losing weight, etc. Damn this song goes hard

  2. Reminds me back when I met my bf now fiancé in the drifting races in Korea ?❤️ we locked eyes while he was at the starting line and he came and found me after. From then on I was always in his passenger seat. We are going to have a baby soon ☺️

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