LEGENDARY RETRO RAGE: Legendary Axe! (PC Engine)


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LEGENDARY RETRO RAGE: Legendary Axe! (PC Engine)

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20 thoughts on “LEGENDARY RETRO RAGE: Legendary Axe! (PC Engine)”

  1. I know retro rages don’t get as high of views but please keep making them. They’re the best content on YT imo…

  2. 19:18 well never expected the dragonborn coward to laugh at his own demise. Becease he normaly blames others for his failures, or his own character for being inept hahah.

    Also 38:16 was hilarious

  3. That part with the monkeys was cheating, syking trash. A coin guzzler of the highest order.

  4. Tyrannicon, shitting on my childhood memories one inept death at a time!

  5. Didn't even know what the PC Engine was before hearing T-Con's briefing on this one. Seems classicly inept…a little retro wisdom!

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