Lean on me Acapella-(Retro-rage)


Male quartet perform lean on me acapella The Barbebilly Quartet singing a cover of Lean On Me arranged by David hartnell Constructive criticism is welcome, Thanks for listening & please subscribe!contact [email protected]

Lean on me Acapella-(Retro-rage)

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14 thoughts on “Lean on me Acapella-(Retro-rage)”

  1. watch the runs… a couple didn't fit into the chords made by the other singers. Other than that, superb!

  2. Tempo was kind of an issue, just practice with a metronome, other than that, I thought it was very impressive.

  3. cool voices, a real good arrangement, precision in singing and articulation – well done! just the room where you produced it doesn't seem to be ideal… the acoustic could be a bit better

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