Extreme Rage!! ALL YOU DO IS RETRO!! Gears of War 3 Rage


Some serious rage Here!

if you have a video of someone raging online, send me the link and I will feature you on this channel.

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Extreme Rage!! ALL YOU DO IS RETRO!! Gears of War 3 Rage

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20 thoughts on “Extreme Rage!! ALL YOU DO IS RETRO!! Gears of War 3 Rage”

  1. so soys the guy that gets his ass kicked……    😮 hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah  looser
     must be like 9-11 years old

    hmm must of muted him I know I would…..    🙂    🙂

  2. Lancering all the time, thats why gears is not as good a before, because of all those bitches

  3. I think it's hilarious that people refer the Retro Lancer as a Noob weapon. The ordinary lancer has twice as much ammo, much easier to use active reload and has basicly no recoil. These are aspects of a beginners weapon. And not to mention that laughable chainsaw-suction-effect. (The way you get pulled in to the chainsaw)

    So tell me again, WHY is the Retro the Noob weapon..?

  4. This was funny, but uh, that Savage Kantus, it makes you look like a noob who'll buy everything to get his way, why not earn/use Kantus ? Hmm ?

  5. Hey guys this was actually my old gamertag my little brother just found this video and showed me lol… get owned haha

  6. there are some sweats that will literally play every match like their freaking lives depend it. im not saying you have to run in all the time but fuck dude jeez its a game just come at me so I blast Ur ass with this gnasher that I've been using for 12 years of my life not some noob crutch abomination

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