DF Retro EX – Streets of Rage 4: The DF Tech Review + Series Retrospective


John Linneman loves Streets of Rage 4. In fact, we all do. It’s a retro-themed game powered by modern technology that delivers a unique, brutally wonderful experience. In this special episode, we take a look at what makes this series so good – and how it’s taken to the next level in Streets of Rage 4.

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DF Retro EX - Streets of Rage 4: The DF Tech Review + Series Retrospective

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16 thoughts on “DF Retro EX – Streets of Rage 4: The DF Tech Review + Series Retrospective”

  1. Peter Coulson says:

    Had my doubts…I felt that SOR4 May spoil the legacy and I have been skeptical and resistant to buying..
    After watching your excellent breakdown I have just placed my order and after 25 years I am excited to return to the Streets of Rage!

  2. thejohnwhites says:

    Love Bare Knuckle 3 so much

  3. Agamaz says:

    this should have at least 1 million views not that guy rapping over the music

  4. hzafary says:

    I love this deep dive into Streets of Rage (especially 4). I am buying this game real soon! Thanks DF!

  5. Joe Fawley says:

    One of the best games of 2020. Streets of rage is back baby!!!!

  6. Hypnos says:

    I'm playing the game right now and it's pretty epic, especially the soundtrack. looking forward to working on some of the harder trophies for this one

  7. Jim Johns says:

    Check out Mother Russia Bleeds if you haven’t already

  8. ValChronification says:

    17:06 whoa careful there underestimating the GODLIKE and actually underrated imo Final Fight… some enemies get off the ground at randomly varying speeds, something lacking in SoR games including 4 for instance, and they most certainly do have fairly complex 'footsies' patterns eg 2P/J who will just dodge straight through you at times if he feels like it, or wait patiently just outside of range. Yes enemies like Andore are more straightforward in their approach but even there the amount of time they choose to wait out of range varies a LOT, causing many a missed and punished fly kick. Final Fight 2024 (revealed in the recent Capcom leak) will hopefully surpass SoR4 but until then yes it is the greatest brawler of all time imo. Top contenders from the past for me are Final Fight (not the bad sequels though), SoR2, Sengoku 3 and Guardian Heroes.

    Also, surely it isnt just me who is an infighting troll in these games… some coverage of in-fghting would be appreciated. If you ever feel you are growing bored with one of these games… try it!

  9. Jon Harper says:

    Axel was always my favorite in 1, 2 and 3. And he'll clearly be my favorite in 4 when I get it.

  10. Márcio Pinho says:

    I just have this to say: Welcome back Streets of Rage. You have been missed!

  11. A Dink says:

    If I had only two games to play streets of rage and pitfall probably the best two games ever produced

  12. RickyNerd says:

    I am really loving it on switch

  13. Ukyo82 says:

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was most popular beat em up here, always very crowded on arcades and from earliest total beat em up hits was Growl

  14. Delightful Squirtle says:

    man, this vid really makes me appreciate SoR4 way more than I already did.

  15. Yash Nirbhavane says:

    Playing double dragon with my cousins in the summer vacation are some of my best childhood memories

  16. JustB3NJI says:

    recently brought and completed it and I can't say a single bad thing about it. It's everything it had to be. These guys know how to please the fans.

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