ATI Rage 128 Pro Retro Review


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ATI Rage 128 Pro Retro Review

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16 thoughts on “ATI Rage 128 Pro Retro Review”

  1. Man, this video threw me back in time. I used to have this exact card back in the day, upgraded from a 16MB Vanta, and the thing felt like lightening in comparison, the VIVO functionality was great, as we could all sit and watch movies on our CRT TV which was vastly superior to the monitor i had (15'' Compaq) 😀

  2. Recently tested the card and would advice against using the latest drivers as I had visual glitches in Quake II and Half-Life (texture flicker). Tried 6XXX drivers and the glitches were gone. Even got better performance by few frames.

  3. I always wondered what the differences between the different cards with Rage128 chipsets were.

    I recently bought an "ATI Xpert2000 Pro Ultra 32M"

    For some reason none of the drivers from the AMD site worked. I needed to force it to install a driver called "ATI Rage Fury Pro / Xpert2000 Pro" out of said AMD driver using infs. Works fine though.

  4. The All in Wonder was such a great card. It was so easy to transfer camcorder video to the computer, to save for posterity & edit. If you had a super VHS camcorder, you could import high quality videos, edit them, then transfer them back to a super VHS VCR. You could also take VCR tapes & convert them into a shareable format, though YouTube was pretty new at the time.

    As far as gaming performance, it was never it's strong point & let's just say I had a computer I used for multimedia stuff & another for more serious stuff & games. It was a bit disappointing, since I probably spent the most time on the multimedia PC. It was handy being able to watch TV on my desktop while I worked.

    My first All In Wonder was a Rage II based card, and it was never really known for its 3d acceleration prowess. It was pretty slow, compared to the newer chipsets out there. All that changed with the All in Wonder Rage 128. For the first time, I could do everything on one machine, if I so chose. It also left my other machine open for LAN parties & competitive Descent. (1, 2 & 3)

  5. latest drivers for windows xp is default windows driver and you can install control panel of catalyst 5.9 on it separately ?

  6. will this work with a PCI (no AGP) Pentium MMX running win98se? PCI Rage 128 16mb version without the video capture capability.

  7. I was more of a nVidia Riva TNT2 guy at the time. I really liked that card, never had issues. Played Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike a lot on it, and it was very fast. But ATI Rage 128 Pro probably would do the trick too.

  8. 13:48 You shouldn't be adding FPS numbers from different benchmarks. You should do instead a geometric mean.

  9. ive ran into a few compatibility issues with some games…not a lot…but enough to stick with nvidia

  10. I still remember finding one of these in a computer my mom got from work and being super excited.

  11. These cards are quite good and lasted for a while. There's a good reason Apple included them as the stock GPU on the PowerMac G3 and G4.

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