UMvC3 – Ragequit Compilation 5


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A new release of Marvel… a new wave of angry, whiney players.

I love this game.

Thumbnail by the lovely Krooked Glasses!

Audio: SILVER LINING – Eschatos
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UMvC3 - Ragequit Compilation 5

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20 thoughts on “UMvC3 – Ragequit Compilation 5”

  1. The guy in the game who actually lagged out in this video and not ragequit: cries

  2. I think its pathetic that people rage quit, but there's been many times that the game will lose its connection out of no where without anyone rage quitting. Trust me i was playing a set and the game just cut off and dude messaged me saying "rage quitter" when i never did.

  3. Phoenix Wright:Do Special

  4. Im from futere to tell you that when phoenix wright gets turnabout mode hes says i diagnose you with death

  5. Some kid trying to have fun online versus someone who spent to much time by themselves learning how to troll, I would rather hang out with the rage quitter TBH

  6. Its awesome enough you use Silver Lining from Eschatos as the background music, but using the +TEK's N163 arrangement on top of using the original FM track and Arrangement track from the OST…holy shit man. As a Shmup junkie I love this.

  7. Also those are some pretty insane combos man. Its like watching a work of art. And that's coming from someone who personally sucks at the game XD

  8. This is why I don't play fighting games online

  9. we all laugh…. But i'll be honest, if i got cancelled that bad like vergil got by a fucking row of papers out of all the things in the world… I'd be pretty fucking pissed too…

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