They Made Me RAGEQUIT The Game! | Among Us


Recently Among Us has become my new obsession, and i’m playing it SO much over the last few weeks on stream! So after jumping into some games with this lot, it was going to be chaotic!

@Kara Corvus @Razzbowski @CaptainSparklez @Gloom @TheOrionSound @DanTDM @Thinknoodles @LaurenzSide

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They Made Me RAGEQUIT The Game! | Among Us

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20 thoughts on “They Made Me RAGEQUIT The Game! | Among Us”

  1. Me seeing Scott roasting Ra2z:
    Scott = Mad
    Ra2z = Roasted
    Hotel = Trivago

  2. Me watching this vid Razz blames Scott, Scott leave the game and Scott roasts Razz .Me “Tea”

  3. I was watching Lauren’s stream when this happened. it was kind of funny and kind of shocking lol

  4. Scott: "It can not be me, Seapeekay,or Scott…'
    Look at what Scott said XDD

  5. In the ghost chat when Scott said “I’m dead” I was like literally

  6. Scott did you do this live because I’m on twitch but I can’t find it

  7. I’ve started saying “Have you called the police? Because your brain is missing.” Thanks to Scott.

  8. "When we say 'Daddy choke me' we didn't mean that hard" –
    OMG I'm DYING !?

  9. When we said daddy choke me we didnt mean THAT hard!

    OMG I CAN'T BREATHE??? wait-

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