Tenshi rage quit


youtube-kun shall know the power of shotgun Tenshi
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Tenshi rage quit

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20 thoughts on “Tenshi rage quit”

  1. Krishna Hrithik says:

    I would gladly put this as my alarm

  2. Big dicc Marty says:

    My heart……

  3. Korey Suzuchi says:

    Other youtubers when they rage quit: FUCK THATS IT

    tenshi: BYE BYE

  4. Shadow K Shooter says:

    Recién me doy cuenta que su modelo de cara es parecida a la de Amelia Watson. xd

  5. Dialight says:

    Imagine youtube is actually watching the stream and cried because of her.

  6. Muhammad Saiful says:

    Sweetest Salt that i ever see

  7. SharinganSakura says:

    That ANGEREY bye bye shot an arrow straight through my heart 💘

  8. Subliminal Messages says:

    The most happy rage quit I’ve ever seen

  9. CheetoPuff 111 says:

    I'm jealous of that cool skin.

  10. tips fedora says:

    angry tenshi is cute tenshi.

  11. JinnSimp Ch. says:

    Ame? Did you teach her this attitude??

  12. Koo Cuber says:

    does anyone have video she says "perfect" during duolingo? tks

  13. Fatpurp says:

    Its probably scientifically impossible for tenshi to sound genuinely angy

  14. k bs says:

    did she really stop the stream?

  15. Fox Gaming says:

    That was a cute rage quit

  16. Omar Martínez López says:

    Are we not going to talk about Tenshi having Apex friends..? Imagine being in that position

  17. Astol Pierre says:

    I didn't know amatsuka was this cute

  18. Your Comrade says:

    Looks like the Amelia-is-adopted theory can be debunked since we've witnessed her sister rage quit

  19. Vento says:

    Her rage is a mix between ame's gremlin voice and matsuri's crying complaint

  20. Uto’s Apostle[7th Apostle of the Twelve] says:

    Tenshi purely made out of sugar, so sweet that even her rage quitting is cute.

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