Street Fighter 5 (SFV) – Best of Ragequit Compilation 2018ス「トリートファイターV (スト5)」


➤ Street Fighter V • SFV – Best of Ragequit Compilation 2018 (Twitch & Youtube streams)

Year 2018 | Twitch & Youtube stream | ranked match (online) | Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition

Credits & tracklist:

*00:00 – 00:30 – (Khloey28)
*00:30 – 01:35 – majorstart (online)
*01:35 – 02:15 – (Gllty)
*02:15 – 03:15 – Eleague SFV Invitational
*03:15 – 04:38 – (Low Tier God)
*04:38 – 04:56 – majorstart (online)
*04:56 – 06:38 – (SlavicGold)
*06:38 – 08:48 – (Smug)
*08:48 – 10:08 – (Low Tier God)
*10:08 – 10:36 – majorstart (online)
*10:36 – 11:22 – (Low Tier God)
*11:22 – 12:23 – (Geecko)
*12:23 – 12:48 – majorstart (online)
*12:48 – 14:30 – (Low Tier God)
*14:30 – 21:44 – (Smug)

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Street Fighter 5 (SFV) - Best of Ragequit Compilation 2018ス「トリートファイターV (スト5)」

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20 thoughts on “Street Fighter 5 (SFV) – Best of Ragequit Compilation 2018ス「トリートファイターV (スト5)」”

  1. PurplePlasma says:

    1:30 He just did a sick come back and could not even give him the win, show some honour Lmao!
    6:26 aged well.

  2. Sugami says:

    "He woke up fierce?! What do you mean "why didn't you block?" I was going for a meatie."
    Well you clearly fucked up your meatie and that's on you. Nothing more annoying than missing your meaty or shimmy but don't blame your opponent and RQ SMH
    I'm aware I'm over 2 years late to the party too xD

  3. Mo says:

    You can't tell me that was legit Infiltration with those impossible wins & reactions against Smug. NAH

  4. Alagass says:

    if LTG did a single push up or crunch after every rage he'd be Jacked like Zangief

  5. Ikari Shinji says:

    17:25 wtf that Guile has 999 wins tf?

  6. Grevier says:

    I don't even think MenaRD was Quitting, the game was over and you wanna save your pad battery.
    And yes I'm serious those things don't last a full day.

  7. Wuking says:

    If you Tbag you deserve to be ragequit on

  8. Chain Lightning says:

    majorstart is making everybody rage quit 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  9. Carl Morgan says:

    6:15 nobody is going to see this. Nobody is going to know that I ragequit
    Me: yeah about that…say hi to YouTube 😏🤣

  10. Gustavo The Dentist Fring says:

    “I haven’t played sagat in weeks”

    Just throw fireballs and punish with tiger uppercut when they try to jump in.
    Not much to forget

  11. Charles Shoults says:

    Low "what the fuck would I block for?" Tier God

  12. DANIEL LARA says:


  13. MikeT0816 T says:

    So if they rage quit and turn the game off mid fight, then the player who was about to win doesn't get any points at all? The creators of this game hadn't created a system where the person that quits still loses and the person still in the game gets the win points? How does anyone have win points then?? Anyone who thinks they are about to lose just turns the game app off and denies points to the player that would have won…so trashy

  14. Jakob Borg says:

    "I'm gonna leave with my dignity"
    Yeah… Sure you are 😂

  15. XxoiIioxX says:

    You can't put ltg in here, he's a category all in his own

  16. goffee crinder says:

    4:30 i’m not one for making excuses when i lose, i’m usually really hard on myself more than my opponent but i 100% feel this statement. Losing this way is rough.

  17. Lil_Man_Jess says:

    LTG is the scrub if he dying to people in far lower ranks

  18. Karan Patil says:

    11:44 seems more like a connection disconnect rather than rage quit

  19. Karan Patil says:

    damn 999 straight wins.. that's some good hacks ngl.

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