scarlxrd – RAGE QUIT




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scarlxrd - RAGE QUIT

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20 thoughts on “scarlxrd – RAGE QUIT”

  1. Aloz flow says:

    2021 here and still hearing this lit rage music


    Scarlxrd is the embodiment of pain from naruto

  3. El insano FF says:

    1:09: scarlxrd
    1:29: Marius

  4. Imré Szabo says:

    2021 still amazing song

  5. тсерковни says:

    из леса чел уже 4 года выйти не может, заблудился

  6. Badass says:

    Just imagine seeing a 6ft tall n*gga in all black chasing u in downtown pittsburgh anyone would run hejehee 😈

  7. Badass says:

    This is one of my favorites without the mask

  8. Carl Johnson says:

    did you all know tyler1 is scream and rage quit and scarlxrd scream and rage quit

  9. Balistictrain says:


  10. N Ma says:

    another bri,ish rapper

  11. Scarlet king says:

    the best 🎧

  12. Dereck Michel says:

    I love this song more than it has scarlxrd

  13. ZephV says:

    When you get trick shotted

    Shout out to face agony.

  14. flips_by_dan says:

    Anyone listening in 2021🔥

  15. Frankie Jacobs says:

    The beat sounds like its saying put it in put it out (take that as you will)

  16. I_GP [HUE] says:

    Única diferença para ele e o X é que um tá só os esqueleto mesmo, tanto em aparência e música é praticamente msm bosta

  17. sweetmeow yoongi says:

    I miss this scarlxrd

  18. Menxcee says:

    Pouede poueda

  19. ꗃ Ri - Ri says:

    I Forgot This Was Uploaded On My Birthday. But It's Still Good No Matter What Year I Vibe To It Lmao.

  20. Junaid Abid says:

    Is there any instrumental

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