Salty Moments, Rage Quits, and Fails in Smash 4


Hey guys here’s salt, rage quit and fail compilation, hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

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Salty Moments, Rage Quits, and Fails in Smash 4

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20 thoughts on “Salty Moments, Rage Quits, and Fails in Smash 4”

  1. Mortal Kombat competitions would be alot more interesting. I'm talking about the first one (;

  2. Wait, what?! The Luigi player KO’d his teammate which was the Bayonetta player and then they lost because of that! Why in the world would you try to kill your own teammate? That was not ok. ?

  3. Allow me to list some sources of rage in Smash Bros

    Bayonetta Upward Combo
    Ness Spamming Forward Air
    Ness Spamming PK Fire
    Getting Spiked in ANY WAY

    Just a few

  4. I love people that rage quit, because its an opportunity to add fuel to the fire. Just makes your opponent make the most elementary mistake.

  5. Wario killing himself shows how trash this game is. and it's only 1 of many examples not to mention Bayoneta. i can't believe this game was played competetively. absolute garbage.

  6. 0:57
    Dude literally down aired his controller faster then that Falcon down aired that Luigi.

  7. Anyone who quits mid game should take an uppercut from everyone in the room. And some are so-called "pro gamers". What a bunch of beta pussies.

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