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In this week’s explosive and action packed episode of Rage Quit, Michael plays Rainbow Six Vegas as he attempts to attain one of the most difficult achievements ever created. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2wf5zPJ

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Rage Quit – Rainbow Six Vegas | Rooster Teeth

Rage Quit - Rainbow Six Vegas | Rooster Teeth

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20 thoughts on “Rage Quit – Rainbow Six Vegas | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Joe Shope says:

    came here from the podcast lol

  2. Elijah Gilliam says:

    Who else came here in 2019 from RT podcast of Gavin talking about his first video he edited for achievement hunter.

  3. J L says:

    anybody else thinks he should've took his hat off? no? just me? ok. /s

  4. Dead Bones says:

    Thank you RT podcast for this beautiful reminder of Michael’s rage

  5. SaviorAssassin1996 says:

    Hat, headphones, and glasses.


    This Reminds me of NBA 2K Face Scans

  7. Jordan W says:

    Would probably be really funny to be someone working in the background just listening to your co-worker’s weekly meltdown

  8. Ah'launna's Books & Paint says:

    Lol the way you yell it's funny

  9. Film Motive Prince says:

    He's doing it wrong, he has to look the same direction the woman is, which is 60° Degrees

  10. Anthony Conrad Paradero says:


  11. NurseJimboSlice says:

    3:29 Classic

  12. off_the_ potion says:

    It’s totally cause he had a hat on

  13. Spider says:

    Oh hi recommended video how did you get in my front page?

  14. WhoLetTheDogOut says:

    His face is invalid. Only surgery can fix that

  15. Omega Synth says:

    I miss this series.

  16. Icydragonfire10 Awesome says:

    I think Michael is doing it wrong, because he’s turning towards his right shoulder, that’s why he’s raging about the character creating system not working, and all along, in the whole video, he’s doing it wrong, no offense, Michael. 😒

  17. Gruesome Silence says:

    2021 and I’m still lmao😂

  18. Battle hawk 8977 says:

    I can’t believe this video is 9 years old😱👨🏼‍🦳

  19. Johnathan Nop says:

    3:15 I’m dead 😂 😂

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