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Rage Quit – Race the Sun | Rooster Teeth
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Rage Quit - Race the Sun | Rooster Teeth

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20 thoughts on “Rage Quit – Race the Sun | Rooster Teeth”

  1. fearofchicken says:

    I feel like I was just robbed of a rage quit.

  2. bagel says:

    its like mad max….
    You are max..

  3. United Appraisial Co says:

    What am I even doing D8>

  4. Smiley Spoon says:

    I got 674,000 for score

  5. that one guy says:

    Yes boi they are scary

  6. Spacelesslazagna PC says:

    Rat King’s Crew runs to and fro, good girls and boys know where to go, pick up your toys and dawn your socks, on errands of woe, on errands we walk…

    Like or whatever if you get the reference…

  7. Sammie J Shaw says:

    This is just like Star Fox on the SNES….. but with bird ships.

  8. Entise says:

    0:581:08 someones seen game theory.

  9. jean the video maker is back says:

    No swearing

  10. jack lajoie says:

    this game actually looks fun

  11. Ghost of Silence says:

    god… mother… you… *sigh*… DOGSHIT!!!

  12. Emo Meme ._. says:


  13. Ewaldo Atthaya R says:

    Meso banget ya

  14. Alexandra Hortman says:


  15. Ryru says:

    Perfect background music: Chasing the Sun by The Wanted

  16. JuJuTy WintryWindow412 says:

    You should level up to level 12 which should unlock apocalypse mode

  17. James Haney says:

    How do you get in there. At 1:39. That is what she said

  18. BingBing BongBong says:

    Lmao Michael is cute ^_^

  19. mekhi mahones says:


  20. Lightbulb says:

    You can just tell it's max`s voice actor playing

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