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Michael is back and bringing his RAGE to the most requested Rage Quit game ever, QWOP. Will he survive? Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2wf5zPJ

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Rage Quit – QWOP | Rooster Teeth

Rage Quit - QWOP | Rooster Teeth

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20 thoughts on “Rage Quit – QWOP | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Noah Williams says:


  2. Snigly says:

    First thighs and then calves

  3. Snigly says:

    Who's in 2019

  4. Tom Wright says:


  5. Beanz says:

    this guy is so bad lmao

  6. John I. says:

    Nine years ago this was made, anyone feeling old yet?

  7. Thunder Bird says:

    Jesus Christ. 9 years.

  8. Tucker Hogan says:


  9. Luka Magnotta says:

    Guess his feet weren't QWOPerating with him

  10. Karen Pevler says:

    kodi lee

  11. duckplayer Goldvalut says:

    I just came from the N+ rage quit

  12. Haritha Kothapalli says:

    total war three kingdoms

  13. Loganmeme1986 says:

    revisiting this classic

  14. Chris Kramer says:

    whatever happened to this guy?

  15. Dave Kreul says:

    This has me laughing/wheezing so hard!

  16. Korean Jesus says:

    10 years just like that

  17. Space African Jesus says:

    10 years. Where does the time go?!

  18. Deconverted Man says:


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