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This week on Rage Quit, Michael is joined by the always vivacious Gavin as they attempt to build a home (and life) together in Minecraft for the Xbox Live Arcade. Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2wf5zPJ

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Rage Quit – Minecraft | Rooster Teeth
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Rage Quit - Minecraft | Rooster Teeth

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20 thoughts on “Rage Quit – Minecraft | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Mercedes Malinak says:

    adventure time

  2. Adam Mystery says:

    Im gonna tell my kids this is Dream and GeorgeNotFound

  3. Christina Mercorella says:

    Anyone else here 2020?

  4. Takimeko and his Random Channal says:

    I'm now very curious as to what Gavin's "Fortress of Dreams" would've looked like.

  5. esteban hernandez leal says:

    this video is like the one Fiona and Gavin did on animal crossing, but way angrier

  6. Alex Wolf says:

    Michael: What have you been doing?!
    Gavin: I've been…collecting resources.

  7. Mathew Dewsbury says:

    0:30 This was hilarious. 🙂

  8. Parker Boudloche says:

    Coming back after 8 years to listen to Michael yell at Gavin….good times

  9. Charles Ornelas says:

    "Oh sweet . Flowers!"

  10. Matty G says:

    2021 and this is still one of my favorites of all time 🙂

  11. Seltzer says:

    Here In 21’.

  12. Lexi McLain says:

    I miss this so dearly

  13. Travis Dengler says:

    i remember this fondly

  14. David Murdock says:

    No cursing

  15. Inconige says:

    Who is here due to quarantine?!

  16. Lucy Carpenter says:

    Gotta say, this is max's first time playing minecraft

  17. The Rational Saiyan says:

    Now this is actual funny Minecraft content, unlike the Cringy stuff Tommyinit posts which is rarely funny

  18. Alec Escobar says:

    I still come to this video today😂😂😂😂

  19. Samsung samsung says:

    🤣😅😂 he's so angry lolol. Icky black stuff!!!!

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