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14 thoughts on “MLB RAGE QUIT”

  1. Harrison Peloso says:

    ultament rage quit

  2. L Carlson says:

    Poor sportsmanship

  3. 平方 SquarePaprika says:


  4. Belen Perez says:


  5. Andrew M says:

    3:15 the look on that dudes face😂 lmao

  6. model1623 says:

    What did the coolers ever do to you

  7. Mitch b says:

    Baseball players are a bunch of cry babies.

  8. Emilios Alexiou says:

    I like how those guys rampage through the dugouts and no colleague gives a flying frack. They keep looking towards the field.

  9. Jeremiah Guy says:

    Roid rage

  10. Dtt159 says:

    I quit mlb my career and real life

  11. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word says:

    These are who antifa recruits🤣…STRIKE OUT= DESTROY YOUR OWN TEAMS PROPERTY
    the pitcher at Point 1:15 threw the ball in almost hit the outfielder LOL

  12. Upside down says:

    It feels so good to let it out sometimes

  13. Soki Moh says:

    1:32 Wilson,not your average zero(loser). He is double zero(loser).

  14. Damin Mance says:

    0:37 omg I wouldn't be able to stand all that junk on the floor

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