I’ll never understand why these people tbag after their first win, and then always ragequit when they inevitably get beat
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20 thoughts on “MK11 Kombat League: JAX SPAMS AND TBAGS HIS WAY TO A RAGEQUIT!!!”

  1. Flaming Burrito says:

    I've been on a straight up Scruffy videos binge watch. Loving the content dude.

    I would give one advice. You can add In lil memes or funny stuff in some of your matches to make them more entertaining. Try it.

  2. Joseph Raymond says:

    I'm a Sub-Zero main from day 1 and all the hate I get after pretty much every match for picking Sub-Zero has really turned me off to the game lately. I don't take myself as a scrub as I really try to whif punish, and just outplay my opponent. It just sucks after awhile of getting messages and t bags for no reason. BUT! I've made it to Demi God or up all 20 seasons, I'm just catching myself making myself want to play. It's good to watch ur videos

  3. yung ranklin says:

    What’s with the shitty colors whenever a fatal blow or crushing blow happens? I’ve seen it with other channels and I despise it

  4. Thomas Foster says:

    I love your videos! When someone tbags you, I think to myself "Oh boy you fucked up now". And then you bring out Raiden and I fangirl so hard haha, what a beautiful revenge ❤️

  5. Oizaax says:

    Sorry for being late had school work

  6. Ods 1914 says:

    Bro you do the same combo over and over with your character lol is that not spam?? At least the dude was pulling different moves you legit do the same over and over and over all your videos
    These comments are even worse 99% of these people would be hella upset playing trash like that

  7. J angelz says:

    You should do some matches with Lostygirl. She's on youtube and twitch.


    ahh yes so satisfying to watch

  9. ꧁Kõsoku RuNashi꧂ // 𖣘X Lᴀ Eʀɪᴢᴀ Oғɪᴄɪᴀʟ says:

    Normal MK11 Player: yes!!! I got him!!! To end this with a platinum clasp I will do a Fatality with him!

    Scruffy6910: T B A G

  10. Melissa Perez says:

    4:33 Don't Copy other MK YouTubers

  11. Melissa Perez says:

    Why did you change your character? you switched to Raiden while he kept up with Jax, that translates to fear of losing

  12. Robert Worrells says:

    Love kotal Kahn, he's by far my favorite character to use

  13. Something... says:

    Definitely, the comments in this video are getting worse lol, the truth is that no matter who will play as or with whom, only the toxicity of that Jax's player is being exposed, why he need to do T-Bag in the second fight? That is just not justified. Nice video.

  14. Lovey prashr says:

    I always loos the first Kl match amd they do tbags n fatality and then i go on to win next 2 rounds followed by a friendship. One of the guy said sorry for his tbag in the first round. Humanity is still somewhere inside these people😊

  15. Mlg Bendy Gamer X RATED says:

    This Is why Online gets me so mad – And yet when I beat toxic players they get mad at ME. Because Im a Scorpion main & They call ME Trash. Im sorry U had to deal with this guy Scruffy. BTW – I don't know why but players get super mad when I use Scorpion's O.G Ninja skin. They better get used to It – It's my MAIN Skin.

  16. Donkeh says:

    Player: T-bags Scruffy
    Scruffy: So you have chosen DEATH

  17. Vinny Tejada says:

    That Kotal Kahn skin looks fucking gross. I would make a roach in the house preset with that skin

  18. ozzy 1896 says:

    Nobody knows how to amplify the fatal blow damage or decrease it cause i never see anyone use it online

  19. Wasted. mp3 says:

    That Raiden teabag got me howling. 💀

  20. Jose Manuel Flores says:

    This has nothing to do with this video no this entire channel. So carnivores taste bad because reasons, so would humans. But what about vegan humans?

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